We have put in place several mechanisms to ensure that all Bringers are reliable and helpful, however, there are several things you can review in order to decide whether or not you feel comfortable with the Bringer who has offered to help you:

  1. See how many deliveries they have completed
    New Bringers can be just as a good as an experienced one, so don’t be worried about allowing someone to do their first delivery. But by choosing a bringer with previous deliveries under their belt you can be sure they know the Nimber ropes
  2. View ratings and read the previous reviews
    By making use of other member’s experiences of a Bringer you quickly get an idea of how friendly, responsive and reliable others found them.
  3. Check their verifications
    Many bringers have verified themselves by submitting a copy of their ID, as well as having verified their phone number, email address, payment details etc. The more verifications a bringer has, the more we know about them, and in turn, you can have more confidence in them.

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