We want everyone who posts a delivery requests to get offers that work for them as quickly as possible. While we work hard on matching you with the right Bringer, you can take the following steps to make that as easy as possible for us:

  1. Complete your profile
    Have you verified your email and phone number? Not yet uploaded a profil picture? The more complete your profile is, the more engaged and trustworthy you’ll come across to Bringers.
  2. Leave reviews for Bringers
    Have you had a delivery completed? Be sure to leave the Bringer a review. Bringer’s are then more likely to return the favour, meaning you start bulking out your own rating, which in turn can help with getting offers in the future.
  3. Add more information to your delivery request
    The more info you add, the easier it is for the Bringer to know whether or not they can help you deliver your request. Don’t have a photo of the item? A photo of a similar item for illustration purposes helps. Don’t have the exact measurements? Rough ones are better than none.
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