Whether or not being a Bringer affects your taxes depends on your individual use of Nimber and how much money you make using the service. 

Nimber is a matching platform and we are unfortunately not authorised to advise you on your specific tax situation and would recommend you contact the tax authorities in your country of residence with any questions. 

However, some aspects are clear: if a bringer delivers tasks in a commercial capacity then all rules and regulations affecting businesses apply to him or her as well.

If your activity is non-commercial then you need to check with your local tax authorities, as we cannot legally advise you regarding whether the income you make in total is taxable or not. Nimber tries to help you in a capacity that we are able to, such as we provide all our bringers with the yearly report where we show the total km driven, total nr of tasks and total income earned. Should your income be classified as taxable by the tax authorities, you might be able to claim cost in return (which is why we provide the total km driven). The yearly report can be found in Menu -> Wallet & Settings -> Earnings history.

As a general guideline, using Nimber to reduce travel cost for journeys you otherwise are doing should not affect your taxes. In the same way as selling unwanted or used items online to reduce the cost of the initial purchase, occasionally making a little extra money for helping others by delivering an item or two should also not change your tax situation (similarly to småjobber in Norway). Please enquire with your local tax office for the threshold for the income earned from this type of activity. 

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