We have put in place several mechanisms to ensure that all Senders are polite and helpful, however, there are several things you can review in order to find out what you can expect when dealing with a specific Sender.

  1. Check their verifications
    We have several ways that Senders can verify themselves and by checking their profile you can quickly get an overview of what information we hold on them. This can help you gauge how vested they are in Nimber - someone who has multiple verifications are more likely to be engaged with the service and use it regularly.

    However, don’t be alarmed if a sender has not been verified by payment card when offering to help them. A first-time sender will only have to add their payment card in order to accept an offer, meaning that everything in relation to your payment will be in order before you complete the delivery.
  2. View ratings and read their previous reviews
    This way you can get an idea of how other Bringer’s found working with the Sender. With that being said, Nimber Senders are always lovely people so we wouldn’t be too worried about completing a delivery for a new Sender either. ;)
  3. Response time and information
    The key to a successful Nimber delivery is communication and information. If the Sender is quick to get back to you and provides you with the necessary information swiftly, there is normally less of a chance that issues with the delivery will arise - and should something come up, you then know you’ll hear from them quickly.
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